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We are passionate about enabling businesses to maximise their potential
​​​About Us
​​​Our passion has come from our ethics 

Drive is our inner quality which means we do not like to accept the status quo. It is drive that makes us not want to be mediocre and we see ourselves being able to attain higher goals than just being a spoke in the corporate bicycle wheel and it is this drive that has inspired us to set up Weenie Business Solutions.
​​Determination our clients are determined to succeed, some more than others, but determined nonetheless. Some will succeed and others may not or give up with their business ventures. The fact they have contacted us illustrates their determination to succeed.

​​​​No matter what your journey is, it all begins with drive and determination.

EnthusiasmOur enthusiasm is motivated by our drive and determination to assist businesses achieve their goals while providing a high level of customer service that we would want to receive and be happy with. 
​​Commitment Our wilingness to give our time and energy to something that you believe in, or a promise or firm decision to do something for you.
Weenie Business Solutions, Team Working
​​The team that you can trust to provide you with the best service.
​​​Our Teams
Our people are highly skilled and knowledgable in their specialist areas ​​

Accounts​​ Department
Sales and Marketing Department
IT Department
Projects Department
We build our projects team according to our customers needs

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